Sunday, July 28, 2013

Operation Starlight: August 18-19,1965

Participating Tank & Ontos units:

Co. "B" (-), 1st Tk Bn with (1) M-48 Gun Tank, (3) M-67A2 Flame Tank, (1) VTR M51, with RLT-7.
Tanks: B51, F33, F53 and F55.

3rd Plt. Co. "A", 3rd Tk Bn with BLT 3/3.
Tanks: A31, A32, A33, A34 and A35.
Section, 2nd Plt. Co. "C", 3rd Tk Bn with BLT 2/4.
Tanks: C22, C24.

3rd Plt Co. "B" 3rd AT Bn, (5) Ontos

Casualties for tank units;
1 KIA Cpl. William C. LAIDLAW of "C" Co., 15 WIA.

Tank destroyed numerous enemy fortifications, captured twenty-nine weapons and accounted for sixty-eight confirmed VC KIA.

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