Thursday, August 1, 2013

Looking For....

We have created an interactive "Looking For" section.  You can post who you are looking for and leave your email address where others can contact you directly.  Good Luck with your searches!


John Reese said...

Hi everyone,
I am looking to reconnect with anyone who remembers me. We landed in Chu Lia in March or April 1965 so Sea Bees could build the air strip and later moved to DaNang and on to hill 55 where I stayed until it was time to rotate back. I was assigned to Quantico.
Getting older and the memory isn't as good as it used to be.
I remember Cpl William c. Laidlaw KIA in operation Starlight was my first tank commander in tank training school Camp Lejeune 1964.

Anyone remember being with me please reconnect.

Semper Fidelis,
John Reese

M.C.V.T.H.F. said...

You can leave a Looking For by adding your comments to the right side where it says, "Leave your comment."

Wally Young said...

An old tanker buddy of mine ,by this name, Nicodemus, last seen coming by in heat of battle somewhere in Nam on stretcher with serious wound.Wondering if this is my old friend from long ago? Over?

Wally Young

John McCauley said...

Former L/Cpl John Daniel (went by "Mac" or "Guy") McCauley is looking for former SSgtPrater and former LtCol McCloud with whom he served on Okinawa in the 3rd Antitank (Ontos) Bn. 1960-65. He was also embarked on the USS Thomaston (LSD-28) with Lt. J.T. Fisher (sic). While embarked on the USS Thomaston he recalls an incident when the ships ballast mal-functioned and all the Tanks and Ontos were under water. He can be reached at 414-788-1632 and

Clark Eugene said...

This is for Frank Remkiewzic, you have commented and have shown your tank tattoo in this March issue. If you lived in Whittier, Ca. and went to tank school in May & June of 1968, then please contact me.

Bill Wertz